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            PDP Class
PDP Class

15 Nov 2021

What are personality development classes and how are they helpful?

1. To overcome fear
2. To increase your concentration
3. To explore yourself in various fields
4. To express your thoughts and behavior in public
5. To achieve your goals
6. To become smarter
7. Guide you in the preparation of Job perspective

            Live Class 123
Live Class 123

Every Sunday 9 AM123

Benefits Of Live Classes

  • Live and interactive classes
  • Personal attention and focus
  • One on one coaching
  • Recording of classes
  • Global benchmarking
  • Time-saving and economical
  • Proper mentoring and feedback
  • Quality course material
  • Doubt solving
  • Parent’s interaction

What Is Live Tutoring?

It is a two-way interaction between a student and tutor. With an improvement in technology, students can now study at home accessing varied courses and the best teachers from across the globe. We provide a platform that uses an interactive whiteboard and other great features. It's a combination of a video call and a classroom atmosphere - it's a virtual classroom.123

Online Exam
Online Exam

05 Nov 2022

Live Exam Roll Number             

EMC564151: 9 AM

EMC564152: 9 AM

EMC564151:9 AM

EMC564153: 9 AM

EMC564154: 9 AM

EMC564155: 9 AM

EMC564156: 9 AM